20-45X (φ60) Zoom/25-56X (φ78) Zoom Eyepiece MC

Product Code: BDB90063

• All lenses are multilayer coated for maximum brightness of view field. "MC" stands for Multilayer Coating.
• Turn-slide rubber eyecup is applied to the wide type eyepiece for comfortable viewing. It helps you position your eyes at the correct eyepoint.
• Optics employ Eco-glass containing no arsenic or lead.

Compatible with: ED50 A/ED50 A, III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A, ED82/ED82 A.

Eye Relief (mm)12.9
Weight (g)100
Angular field of view (Apparent/degree)38.5
Magnification (x) (With/ED50 A/ED50 A)13-30
Magnification (x) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A)20-45
Magnification (x)(With ED82/ED82 A)25-56
Angular field of view (Real /degree) (With/ED50 A/ED50 A)3.0 (at 13x)
Angular field of view (Real /degree) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDII2.0 (at 20x)
Angular field of view (Real /degree) (With ED82/ED82 A)1.6 (at 25x)
Field of view at 1,000m (m) (approx#) (With/ED50 A/ED50 A)52 (at 13x)
Field of view at 1,000m (m) (approx#) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDI35 (at 20x)
Field of view at 1,000m (m) (approx#) (With ED82/ED82 A)28 (at 25x)
Exit pupil (mm) With/ED50 A/ED50 A3.8 (at 13x)
Exit pupil (mm) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A)3.0 (at 20x)
Exit pupil (mm) (With ED82/ED82 A)3.3 (at 25x)
Relative brightness With/ED50 A/ED50 A14.4 (at 13x)
Relative brightness (With III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A)9.0 (at 20x)
Relative brightness (With ED82/ED82 A)10.9 (at 25x)