24x/30x Wide DS Eyepiece

Product Code: BDB90097

DS eyepieces make it easier than ever to use a Nikon Fieldscope with a COOLPIX digital camera.

Wide DS Fieldscope Eyepieces
• Using the appropriate FSB series Digital Camera Bracket enables a COOLPIX digital camera to be attached to a Fieldscope.
• Vignetting can be reduced by setting zoom to the wide-angle position*
• Rubber eyecup for eye observation is supplied
*Vignetting may occur with some COOLPIX cameras.

Eye Relief (mm)18.7
Weight (g)170
Angular field of view (Apparent/degree)64.3
Magnification (x) (With/ED50 A/ED50 A)16
Magnification (x) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A)24
Magnification (x)(With ED82/ED82 A)30
Angular field of view (Real /degree) (With/ED50 A/ED50 A)4.5
Angular field of view (Real /degree) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDII3
Angular field of view (Real /degree) (With ED82/ED82 A)2.4
Field of view at 1,000m (m) (approx#) (With/ED50 A/ED50 A)79
Field of view at 1,000m (m) (approx#) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDI52
Field of view at 1,000m (m) (approx#) (With ED82/ED82 A)42
Exit pupil (mm) With/ED50 A/ED50 A3.1
Exit pupil (mm) (With III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A)2.5
Exit pupil (mm) (With ED82/ED82 A)7.5
Relative brightness With/ED50 A/ED50 A9.6
Relative brightness (With III/III A/EDIII/EDIII A)6.3
Relative brightness (With ED82/ED82 A)7.3